Pepperstone Added to Bexhill Sea Angling Festival Sponsors

Sponsorships with different companies and organizations is one of the financial support that we have managed to receive. We are very grateful that our partners are willing to work with us and support the wildlife and marine. One of our newest additions to the list of partners is the online trading company Pepperstone. A large percentage of our sponsors are operating in the online gambling industry or related markets. However, this time we’ve started a collaboration with a company, focusing on a different field. Bexhill Sea Angling Festival is very excited to announce our newest addition to the list of sponsors! Since the beginning of this month, we started our partnership together with the online trading company called Pepperstone. This company will support the upcoming festival by providing financial solutions. We are very proud and grateful for this collaboration and partnership.

If you attend the upcoming Bexhill Sea Angling Festival, you will immediately notice our newest innovations and added systems. Pepperstone will sponsor the festival by allowing visitors to purchase drinks, bites and products with cryptocurrencies. Attendees will receive an email with a link to our exclusive festival member cards. By simply clicking on the link, attendees will be redirected to a registration page where they can deposit money or cryptocurrencies on the festival member card. All cards are personalized and linked to the purchased festival ticket. If visitors are interested in the Bitcoin payment methods, they now have the possibility to use this card option. Pepperstone will install customized transaction systems at every booth and truck, so that visitors can easily pay their products with just one swipe. Meaning that the visitors of Bexhill Sea Angling Festival can not purchase any products with cash money.

The goal of Pepperstone is to introduce this new payment method to the public and motivating people to understand the world of online trading. The innovation and technology of money transaction is growing everyday and that is why people need to be introduced to this new way of life. Besides installing the new systems, Pepperstone will also provide financial support in entertainment and styling of the event. Together with the styling agency Festive, the organization of Bexhill Sea Angling Festival will install different hubs, party areas and outdoor decoration. For the realization of the upcoming event, our organization will focus on the wildlife concept in combination with entertaining elements. On our website visitors will be able to find more details about our facilities and special acts.

If you already purchased a ticket for the festival, you will soon receive an email with a link to the member card page. Take notice that you will need to install an application to make your first deposit. This application can also be used during the event, while visiting one of our WiFi hotspots. On the application you will also find a map of the festival, location details, participating food stalls and trucks, live acts and program, general information and a summary of all of our sponsors. We are looking forward to see you at our Bexhill Sea Angling Festival!