Our marine life and wildlife

People will always need water to drink, air to breathe, new medicines, food to eat, and a climate to live in. Oceans are the largest ecosystems on Earth. They are the world’s largest life support systems. To prosper and survive, we all need to ensure that our oceans or marines are healthy. We need to ensure that our wildlife is maintained to attract tourists to our doorsteps. Even though it may seem unbelievable, oceans generate half of the oxygen that we breathe. In fact, more than 97% of the world’s water resides in the oceans. Oceans do provide more than a sixth of the animal protein that we eat during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Wildlife attracts a sizeable number of guests to our country on a yealy basis. We need to keep and maintain our marine and wildlife safe for somereasons.

Our oceans and wildlife are the lifeblood of Earth. If our marine and wildlife go, then we go with them. Oceans regulate temperatures, generate half of the oxygen we breathe, influence our weather, and essentially support all the living organisms on earth. With our wildlife, we as a country get to attract millions of tourists to our doorsteps. We need to keep our ocean and wildlife safe as they provide us with food.

Our wildlife and marine is home to some of our oldest and unique species around. Without keeping our wildlife and marine life safe, some of the oldest and unique species of sea turtles and sharks may soon disappear. For instance, there are around 300 North Atlantic right whales that are left of the left on the globe. However, threats such as ocean acidification and coral destruction are exacerbating the problem faced by wildlife and marine life.

It is also important to keep our maritime and wildlife safe so that future generations get a chance of not only reading but experiencing the wildlife and marine habitats that we once enjoyed. Chances of the next generation of people missing out on what we enjoyed are high. Scientists have estimated that if we do not undertake urgent measures, the long-term survival of some wild animals and our remaining coral reefs in the oceans look bleak. Human beings highly depend on fish that live on coral reefs. Destruction of such reefs will reduce the high-capacity of fish in the oceans and food for man.

Protecting our wildlife and marine life is equaled to protecting our own homes. There is no other planet in the universe that can support human life (more than likely, for any life) and as human beings, we would certainly not be able to reach another planet if we went ahead and destroyed Earth. Earth consists of oxygen and is an appropriate distance not far away from the sun. Human activities are destructive. By destroying our marine and wildlife, we are simply destroying ourselves as a human species. We depend on marine and animal on our survival.